Saturday, April 30, 2011

The eyes had no tears

The book i bought 9 years ago IDR 180,000, which at that time was very expensive for me. But i desperately fell in love at the first sight!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Labuhan di ujung senja

Hari semakin usang
dan mata mulai memudar
malam pun akan menyepi
bersembunyi di balik purnama

Hanya rasa mu dan rasa ku yang tertinggal

Sayang, apakah kemuning masih sama seperti sore kemarin?

Bertepi di ujung senja
kapal ini akhirnya berlabuh jua

biarlah jiwa ini menjadi yang terakhir

(untuk ami dan michael, for your wedding, July 13th, 2008)


Hola, Kamera Papier!

I can't wait any longer to share this post. Found a really cool stuff, check this out!

Oh, i got a new camera! This would be great for my next photo taking!  

Really cool, huh?  It's a dimensional stickers from EK Success Brands, Camera JJFA016D series, the amazing parts are the details and textures, it's slightly the same with real camera. perfect one!



Now you know!

Inacraft (Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair) is considered as one of the largest handicraft exhibition in Asia and still the biggest in Indonesia. It is going to be held in the mid-year during the international buying season. There will be an enormous and a various number of handmade and fabricated handicrafts, from traditional and modern home industry or manufacturer, displayed at the exhibition.
informations i got from their website 

"Through INACRAFT 2011 we develop Creative Economy Products
On its 13th year of event, The Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT), which is held annually in April, will focus on the development of creative economy product as a form of support to the government, especially on the economic field, as an effort to increase Indonesian exports to foreign countries.
It is all related from the fact that Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a plurality and a cultural diversity with various handicraft products, whereas the products it selves are needed to be conserved and also developed with the implementation of advance technology and the increase of market demand in every year. With proper and direct assistance and guidance, it is not impossible that handicraft industry will emerge as a form of job opportunities for every region in Indonesia that have potential to grow and provide foreign exchanges for our country"
  Read more
New lovely things from INACRAFT 2011

Resin frame
Rubber stamp
Handmade journale
Floral ribbon
All things here i got from Ria Nirwana's booth at INACRAFT 2011

Now you know!

Ria Nirwana is well known as one of amazing Indonesian scrapbooker, she has classes for scrapbook courses, she also an interior decorator, and a blogger for sure. Check her blog to see her amazing artworks! As her tagline says, "Whatever made by hands, came from heart". 1000% agree! (ouch i adore her so much)

oh birdie!

My new super cute things! Country Birds Whimsies, resin embellishments from webster's pages! I love it! But don't think it's sized as seen on your computer screen! Let me tell you something, these birds are only sized the same with your thumbnail!

 Now you know!

em·bel·lish·ment (noun) 
1. an embellishing or being embellished; ornamentation 
2. something that embellishes, as an ornament, a fictitious touch added to a factual account, a musical phrase, etc.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd month khama

This one is still part of Khama's 'month-to-month' flower series. She's 2months while this picture was taken, tiny huh? Please see the 3rd month Khama in the previous post. The color here is richer than the others, i combined both vintage blue and yellow, honestly i don't why my heart is just not into yellow, specially the vintage kind of yellow. baby or pastel is still ok, maybe kinda hard to combine that color.  but looking at this layout, i think yellow and i were friend now.

3rd month khama

Ps: How's your day, Khama?

My new project journale!

My handmade journale for my works and projects schedules. Umm i can say i just redecorate it actually. I bought the blank book then i used my scrap papers, die card stocks and compiled them together! At the back side i put my name and my contact so if someday i lost her (knock knock on wood), and someone find her, they could contact me as my email address written there :)
As you see it has four parts, it's for my design, photo, and decorating project. Another two is for my daily notes only. Don't try to get the meaning of each name, nothing, i just put what i like, what i see good in my eyes :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

joyeux anniversaire, khama!

It's my little girl first birthday, I picked Sailor theme since she doesn't have any girly idol like princess and the gank (and so does the mommy :D ). The party was held in a pool area, Monte Video Club House on April 17th.
This is the birthday cake. I was really happy with the cake's decoration, I ordered it from Et Cetera Cake, thank you, Mba Wulan for your great artwork!
Sailor Khama birthday cake
This is my first time decorating dessert table, i went to many places hunting for sailor theme stuffs and  dessert table equipments, and on the Dday, I also rent some stuffs (kid's tables and chairs ,backdrop, juice dispenser, and 2 tall candy glasses) from Kinderplays, (check out the blog, it gives such inspirations too). Thanks to Mba Junita for saving my party in my last minutes prep! For the decoration, i went with white, navy, red, and bright blue color scheme. I made lots of paper boat strung from the ceiling for the decorative element. Then for the  dessert table, i added flower to made it looks prettier. My big thanks too to Florist Calla, they're amazing, knew well what i really want and gave more than i expected. 
For the party kits, I made name tags, lip-sticks, goodies sticker, cupcakes topper with sailor and pirates images and also the flags, but since i was too busy there, i forgot to put them on the cupcake and the baby meals.
The desserts included cupcakes, lollipops, cookies, jelly beans, chocolates, boiled egg, cereal, and yoghurt. And for the kid's main food, I ordered Baked Macaroni and Risotto from Khama's favorite one, Mamma Kanin (please be noted, they don't use any sugar, salt or any preservatives). Mba Inta is a very nice person, and she was really helpful for the party, when i told her about the theme, she's really looking for the theme's color wrapper for the meals. And guess what, it's exactly the same with mine too! What a sweet coincidence!

Last thing what you should see is my photobooth corner, i created a funny photoboard where guests could take a picture there with Khama's template :D
Well i can say my 'one week' preparation was not perfect though i had spent almost my 24 hours at my messy studio (in front of the computer designing, doing printing, cutting, gluing, and many more). But after all the most important thing for me is the party went well, everyone did enjoy it, and Khama really had a blast on her special day!

To see the complete pictures please look at my facebook, in the same album name.