Saturday, July 16, 2011

Behind the scene 14072011

Layouts and references
Stylist's stuff, this one is super cute

Friday, July 15, 2011

Photoshoot #1

Had a great photoshooting day with Magdalena and team! The complete stories will be posted tomorrow! (I really need to take a rest and kiss my lil khama, NOW!) so, good night , universe!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Isn't it so cute?

My new button series!
Forest Camp
The Boy Stories

Oh my oh my!

Mr. Postman brought me a package yesterday. Covered with very sweet pink metallic paper, it's my name written there as receiver, and came from Ms. Suryanti Halim. A package from Mba Isur! (a name on my amazing scrapbooker list, go visit her blog and get some inspirations!)
Oh my oh my! You have to see what she gave to me!
True Scrapbooker, cutting the fabric with zig-zag sicssors :)

So tell me how to not love these all cute stuffs??? oh my, i only can say THANK YOU!!

Oh idea, please come to mama!

I found another cool stuffs few days ago and hardly thinking to create something with these vintage pins. But imagination just come and go with the wind blows, so anyone, please bring back my lost friend, her name is idea!

A clutch story

I received a beautiful clutch from a friend, Imel - Sew Stories, one of my favorite crafter. She's very talented and also a very nice person. She wrote me a handwritten letter and put it in a small pouch inside the clutch, sweet huh? Well, at the first time i saw her works, i fell in love with all her amazing things! (and suddenly think that i really need sewing course from her :) ) So when the package arrived, i couldn't wait any longer to open it and see it in real, and i was wrong, it's not as beautiful as seen as the picture, it's more more than that!! 
thank you so much, mel, I really love it!
I picked the same color theme for my suede lace spools

I love buttons!

Red Riding Hood 

Trick or Treat
Pink Russian Dolls
Oopsy Daisy
The Circus Train

These fabric covered buttons are handmade by me, this is what i called my daily friends! Oh Hellow! Yes you can find these tiny stuffs in my store
These fabric-covered buttons are handmade with high-quality US and Japanese import fabrics, metal coverable buttons, and flat back bottom (meant to be adhered with glue).
Each covered button measures 3 cm and is packaged in a box that is perfect for storage. There are 9 pieces total in each package.
These little beauties are perfect for including in your scrapbooks, cards, accessories creation, stationaries or other craft projects.