Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rew Fwd Play Rec

Do you remember long long time ago before ipod came like an angel, we're all clicking rew fwd play like crazy? dont forget, also 'record' button was damn favourite when listening songs on the radio and die to have it but theres no free mp3 to be downloaded yet at those moments behind :)
when I made this notebook, automatically think to do the book shot using the cassete ribbon as props. i thought its still easy looking for cassetes in music store, in fact it finally found in the 3rd store i visited:-) and also in the bookstore that usually had blank cassetes, not anymore now. yeah cassetes were slowly killed and disappear. Bye "clicking 'rec'" era!

Bonjour Pariij

Hey, i miss blogging!!!
Here's some fresh KHAMAkhama notebooks, honestly they all were not available anymore, but i just miss posting something here :D
so here they are my Bonjour Pariij