Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh my oh my!

Mr. Postman brought me a package yesterday. Covered with very sweet pink metallic paper, it's my name written there as receiver, and came from Ms. Suryanti Halim. A package from Mba Isur! (a name on my amazing scrapbooker list, go visit her blog and get some inspirations!)
Oh my oh my! You have to see what she gave to me!
True Scrapbooker, cutting the fabric with zig-zag sicssors :)

So tell me how to not love these all cute stuffs??? oh my, i only can say THANK YOU!!


  1. baggus bgt kainnya, beli dimana hihihi?

  2. Feliiii...duuuh aku jadi malyuuu so glad that you like it dear!
    to mba Tia: halloooo..dapet pas di Ikea ..hehehe

  3. .. senang bisa ketemu blog ini.. ternyata kita punya koleksi kain yang sama (burung-burung dari IKEA) punyaku masih utuh, sayang banget mau ngeguntingnya. heheheh...

    salam kenal,