Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Happiness Keeper


-A happiness keeper-
My husband wonders why do i need things like this. He asked me once, and i answered "to keep photographs and other memorial things". Yes, i do love keep things that could remind me of somethings good in the past. Dont think that im crazy, but i admit i'm a bit scavenger. fyi, i still keep khama's first straw (and hundred of another khama's first things), a seashell that i stole from a beach at Phuket, and many more. and nothing to do with them but put them safely in a box.
Then at the other time, he asked me too why do i like to print photographs? "i dont see you frame it and put it on the wall". Yes honestly i just use it one two three times for scrapbooking and the rest will stays forever in box. Again, box. but i love to open it and review and remembering back to those moments. and also touch the real photos is different feeling with view randomly in the computer. although i know, digital camera is made for efficiently reasons. oh yes, i dont print all the pictures out, just some of the favorites. 
So, when i know that a friend (find it at Scrappettizer Scrapbooking) create and sell the box materials, im happily bought it just because first,of course the good design, second, i know, i need it. if not for now, maybe for tomorrow or next month or next year. And last night i finished decorate this camera box. (i believe it's named camera box means to be put photos right?) 
I know i added one thing more in my room (and the deal with husband is once one added, another one must go too. thats the only thing that will save your house neat and clean). but i argued this time that this thing will keep my treasure neat and organized. yeah right :), oh sorry its not treasures, it is happiness inside actually!


  1. Omg, that's a lovely box! Info dong gimana cara mau mesen selain lewat facebook. Aku ga punya account fb. Thanks :)

  2. aaaaah gilaaa baru baca lagi blog elu Fel
    makasih ya box ini jadi kuyeeen abis di tangan super talented person like u..hahahahaha
    *peluks kenceng dan cium lengket

  3. I love your write.., I agree about what you said about the digital camera and still, I just want to touch the picture, not just watch them in computer... it's a memory not just some file, thank you for remind me..