Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Make a Paper Boat

Im so flattered my sailor party is featured on kinderplays blog, so when Mba Junita asked me to share the tutorial of making paper boat origami, oh sure i will! 
So here's my step-by-step guidance, honestly its very easy! I bet you can make it less then 5 minutes!
What you need is a A4/ HVS piece of paper. or for cuter one, you can also do with your unused newspaper!
STEP 1: Fold a piece of paper in half, top to bottom
STEP 2: Fold the top, creased corners down into the middle of the paper
STEP 3: Fold the bottom of the paper up against both sides
Now it's forming a triangle
STEP 4: Get the corners to meet, forming a square
STEP 5: Hold it with the flaps down and fold the corners into the top point
STEP 6: Meet the right and left point and forming into square

STEP 7: Pull the middle out to form a square
Tadaa, those opened wings forming a boat
Look at the bottom side
Give a room on that
Well done!

Tape the string on the ceiling and let the boats floating in the air!

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  1. wahhh mengingatkanku jaman dulu. akupun lupa nih kl disuruh bikin lagi :) hihihihi..
    thanks ya udah ngingetin :D