Thursday, June 30, 2011

KHAMA khama

Fiuhh it's been so long since my last post! how i miss writing in the middle of the night like this, enjoying my 'me time'! A sweet escape for mamaland! At least for few hours :)
What a very busy June with my cute buttons (i will post it soonest, promise you), preparing things for a craft bazaar on August, and experimenting with notebook! Well, one thing i haven't tell you about, i have launched my craft store few weeks ago, KHAMA khama , there you will find my handmade creations, and it's for sale. Please visit if you have time! I'm still working for the website, will announce you later!
I'm so happy to meet so many new friends! Some of them are local crafters, and they all are amazing, super talented, sweet, and very supportive!
A new lovely journey started, a dream is coming true! yess, honestly i've been dreaming of this since years ago. So wish me luck, universe!

Note: Imagination, dreams, and hope, please stay!!

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