Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Childhood Memoirs

Now you know!

memoir |ˈmemˌwär; -ˌwôr|

1 a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources : in 1924 she published a short memoir of her husband.
• ( memoirs) an autobiography or a written account of one's memory of certain events or people.
2 an essay on a learned subject : an important memoir on Carboniferous crustacea.
• ( memoirs) the proceedings or transactions of a learned society : Memoirs of the Horticultural Society.
memoirist |-ist| |ˈmɛmwɑrəst| noun
ORIGIN late 15th cent. (denoting a memorandum or record): from French mémoire (masculine), a special use of mémoire (feminine) ‘memory.’

I just love the word "memoirs", sounds very beautiful in my ears,  Ms. Dictionary!

Available in store now, Childhood Memoirs series,
Made with 365pgs japan paper, covered with very good quality fabric, and it comes with a double sided covered button which you can create into a necklace, keychain, or other accessories, and a rocking horse charm you will love.
And as always, in a very limited stocks. 
(I'm listening to  'Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!' - The Beatles// in this second :D)



  1. Gorgeous notebooks.. love that little rocking horse detail. Very whimsical!

    The Picnic Girl

  2. hai mba, salam kenal ya.. ini aku ada award buat mbak, diambil ya..

    thx :)