Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nature Theme Party

A month ago i decorated dessert table for a very good friend of mine. It was her baby shower party, a small, intimate party for some of her family and closest friends. Though it's for her baby boy, but she didn't want to take any gender color like blue, and since she loves green, then finally we took 'Nature' for the theme, and this color became perfect since green is really ideal for the neutral one!

Like usual, i ordered flower arrangement from Florist Calla, Calla's team always helpful and knows exactly my style and always come with beautiful ideas, and what i really love is they always come with affordable price for excellent services!
Hunting green and wooden color things is not difficult, you can easily find these kind of things around you, things at your house, leaves in your garden, wooden baskets, wooden rope, branch, and trust me, this theme came in very low cost! 
For the decoration table sets, i used match theme fabric that i bought from a crafty friend, Kiki, who also owns an online fabric store , Kimomo (visit her store makes you want to steal every cute fabrics displayed!).

I also really love to put the bird cages that i bought from Ria Nirwana  if you read my previous post about inacraft. and i threw a paper bird and a paper nest inside!

And for the sweeties, I ordered cupcakes from Mba Wulan (et cetera), bought lots of marshmallows, chocolate cookies, choco balls etc which are also easy to be found at your nearest food store
Hopefully this will inspire you in creating a nature theme party! 


  1. jd pgn baby shower lagi, tp ga pengen hamdunnya bole ga bikinin gue pesta beginian aja hahahaha nyet bales fb g

  2. iiiih keren banget siiih Fel...elo kreatif bangeeeeet....

  3. Kiara, so beautiful...bagus banget =) baru pertama kali liat it

  4. aahh.. this is what i dream about.. party yg simpel tapi detailnya manis :)

  5. Such a wonderful decor!
    Love the the style.......

  6. So many hidden talents in Indonesia, apparently!!!! love staring at this blog page, love my feeling of envy (lol) , love everything about it.