Monday, September 26, 2011


Now you know!

Frente! is an Australian alternative rock group, formed in 1991. The original lineup featured singer Angie Hart, founder and guitarist Simon Austin, bassist Tim O'Connor (later replaced by Bill McDonald), and drummer Mark Picton (later replaced by Alastair Barden). In 1993 they released the successful singles "Ordinary Angels" and "Accidently Kelly Street".

Who's your first favorite band? While every one is listening to Backstreet Boys at that age, contaminated from my older sister, i was listening to Nirvana and be number one fan of Frente! It's 16 years ago. Yeah i remember in 1995 i was madly insane and play-rewind the cassette till it tangled. And until now all the text are still memorized by rote. I could say they have influenced me much for my music selections, and i do agree they're senior at school for nowadays indies.
Two albums and then they're gone. what's left is nothing but those hits. so i do listening for the same songs over and over again in 15 years. If you're their fans too, you surely remember the sunkist cover album and her short cut hair hippies style, never getting older since you are never see those people on media anymore, the last picture seen tattooed forever in my head.
Suddenly good news came from the land, Frente! is coming to Indonesia. whattt?? Swore in, i'll be there for sure! Oh no, what's she look like now? a mature woman in frame? how's her voice? how's the band? A bit worry but lots of happiness surrounded me. JAVA ROCKIN LAND brought my Frente! back!! 
July 24th 2011 finally i witnessed my legend band in real! they're getting older of course, totally different for sure. It's not my 16 years ago band! but listening to her voice and their music, they're my frente! the same one. Closing my eyes, i feel like listening my tape played. Her voice is still amazing!
Oh my, it's something for me, a feeling you cannot describe in words. 


Thank you, JRL and Frente! You made one of teenager's memorabilia come true!

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  1. ahaha... toss dulu sesama penggemar nirvana. kalo anak tk dulu nyanyi bintang kecil cuman aku didepan kelas yang nyanyi come as you are,hihi :) love frente too, tooooos lagi ;p